Thursday, September 13, 2012

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Hello Loves,

I wanted to let you all know just a little bit more about myself and a few of the things that interest me. This is nothing huge or serious, just a little small tidbit of me.

1. Urban Outfitters - I absolutely love this store. Every time I go inside I find something, even if it is just a small item. Mostly what I get is in the sale section because I am a college student lol. Coming up I'll show you a few of the pieces I found in there in the past couple of months. (UO small haul coming soon)
2. Starbucks - I am in love with the Strawberries and Cream item. It is sweet, cool, creamy, and just amazing. I was feeling for one so badly the other day I just had to go into Barnes and Noble just to get one. I think I will drink one tomorrow.
     Teen Vogue - This magazine does me wonders. I really should just subscribe since I buy it almost every month. It really gives key fashion advice that really does help me so much. I do wish I could afford the pieces it features, but hey there will always be cheaper lookalikes in stores I can afford.
3. Juicy Couture - Even though I am not an everyday seasonal JC shopper I still love their style. Their pieces are so classic mixed with a prep girly. I recently purchased a bag from their, which I got at a major discount, and this is the purchaser bag it came in. It was so cute I just could not throw it away. I think I am going to make it some sort of wall decor.
4. Company - This UK based magazine is amazing. No offense to my lovely American Magazines, but this gives magazine is the best I have looked in so far. It shows tons of street style, and I don't even know what else I just love it. The only place I know of to purchase it is Barnes and Noble, so check it out if you can.

Hoped you enjoyed!!

- Bria OC


  1. I can relate to this post so much! I loove Urban Outfitters and Company mag :) Your blog is lovely and I adore your sense of style :) I am definitely now following you, I look forward to reading your future posts :) x

  2. Really, that's awesome seems like not many people I talk to shop at UO or even read Company over here. Company has more style input than the other mags I read. Thanks so much, you are my first follower, hope I can get mine up and running like yours :)