Thursday, March 7, 2013

Window Shoppers

Hello Loves, 

I hope your week has been going well. I have been in the middle of reflective week even though I still seem to have lectures on certain days. A couple of weeks ago I took a lovely walk down Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street. I ended up seeing some of the most amazing stores, that I didn't even know existed. Such as Cheap Monday, lol. I, of course, was a window shopper. The day you go to stores know you have no money to spend, so you end up just walking around browsing at the items. Then you leave embarrassed and empty handed lol, but no need to fret. Window shopping is fun and it saves money. So here are just a couple of pics from some of the stores I browsed. Hope you enjoy :) 

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Bria O.C. <3


  1. I cannot window shop for the life of me! I need to buy things!


    1. Lol I know that feeling as well. I had no choice it was a broke week lol

  2. And hate and love at the same time window shopping. Love it because I always end up finding new amazing stores that I didn´t even notice before...and hate when I realize that I wanna go in and buy everything but I can´t because I´m painfully broke!!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and following, we´re following you back! =)

    1. Yes I feel the exact same way. I found so many new stores, but wanted to scream because my account was literally in the negatives.

      And any time. Thank you :)

  3. hi OC, im terrie, just saw ur blog out and about and i jux got this bright idea, hey! y dont i follow this blog on gfc? itz interesting, colourful and informative...anyway, wud u like to follow me back so we could share ideas some time???

    see you soon