Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hairology Conference

Hello Loves,

So I have been gone an extremely long time. Uni life of course has been ruling my life, and these days seems like nothing really that interesting with fashion has been happening to me, but don't worry give me a couple of months and I will bring this blog to where I've always wanted it to be.

Well a couple of weeks ago, towards the beginning of March, I went to a program entitled Hairology at University College London. It was a conference geared towards Natural Afro- Caribbean featuring trichologist, UK bloggers, and salon stylist. We also received these amazing goodie bags. Overall the event was amazing, I learned so much about my hair, and if you hear of any in your areas you should def go. :)

Here are some pics :)

Me and my friend with the ladies behind Fusion of Cultures and Love Your Tresses :)

Hope you enjoyed. Please comment and follow and I will do the same :)


Bria OC <3

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