Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Life as a London, Uni Student

Hello Loves,

These past three weeks have been extremely hectic. I have class every single day, meaning M-F, and to stay in shape and save money I commute to campus by walking with my Flatmate. The walk is usually 30-40 minutes, and I have def been seeing changes in the bottom portion of my body lol. Some things that I have learned about the British culture since I have been here.
1. Do not be late to class.
2. Pastry shops sell like meat and cheese pastries, not tarts.
3. Cars do not stop, run or get hit.
4. Markets are cheaper then stores.
5. Most tube stations are closed on weekends.
6. No such thing as preservatives.
7. Everything is fresh and small.
8. A restroom is a place you actually rest if you are sick.
9. The pub is the place to be after work.
10. You don't need to tip at a restaurant or pub.

Here are a few pics for you to see what I have seen.

Bye Loves, 
Bria OC


  1. Wow, this is awesome! I think your blog is really cool! It's really unique. You could definitely tie in and compare UK versus American style, I have never seen an American blogger in the UK as a student and I think it's brilliant! I would love to go to London though!

    1. Thanks your giving me some really good ideas :) I think I might look more into that over my break :). And if you ever could London is a really nice place to visit :)