Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SHOES, Shoes, shoes !!!

Hello Loves,

 I am really trying to get my blog up and running, and really get some more viewers. I don't have the ability to take pictures of what I wear everyday as of now, so I am really trying to think of ideas to blog on. So I decided to do a little excerpt on my new shoe collection. I have to say I went crazy this summer and almost every pair of shoes I loved; I bought. Don't assume I am rich, I just worked this summer and didn't have bills to pay besides rent lol. Most of the shoes I purchased myself, some were purchased a la mama. Hope you enjoy my little shoe show. Exact prices I cannot remember, but ranges and places of purchase will be given.

A plethora of my shoes...


Doc Martens: Ross $26.99
So at first I really wasn't feeling the Docs, I thought they would make my feet look big and ugly. However, when I saw these and how much they were I had to get them. I literally almost cried because I didn't want to spend any more money. 


Right to Left: 

Bandelino: Ross - Range $20-25
Dirty Laundry: Ross $12.99
So these Bandelinos I ultimately had to get for work. My other black flats needed to go pronto. As you can see the Dirty Laundry was a really good price. I wear them all of the time, and now the inside clothe is coming up. I still love them. 


Right to Left:

Nine West: Macys - Range$30-40
G by Guess: Ross - Range $20-25 
Nine West: Ross - Range $20-25
Every girl needs a nude pair of heels!! This is a motto. 

Right to Left: 

Madden Girl : Macys $30-40
JustFab : Originally $39.95 (Buy 1 get 1 free)
Vince Camuto: Nordstrom Rack $43.99
JustFab: Originally $39.95 (Buy 1 get 1 free)
So I am 5'9'' and I recently just became comfortable with wearing 5 in heels. So I went on a spree to get some of my own. As you can see prints are very important. Floral and Animal are really in, plus they looks awesome. 


Cheap Monday:Urban Outfitters $25.99
Kimchi Blue:Urban Outfitters $19.99
Wanted: Urban Outfitters $25.99
I purchased these offline when Urban Outfitters was having their sale. I walk so hard on my feet that I have to purchase sandals every summer because they always get messed up and break. I absolutely love these, and they fit. I really haven't worn them that much due to the rain, but I hope they last. 


Right to Left: 

Steve Madden: Ross $20-25
BCBG Generation: Ross $20-25
Wedges are so comfortable. They are like balances that totally work an outfit. 

Thank you for reading about my shoe haul. Hope you get some good insight on where to buy shoes. If you are near a Ross, I am telling you get whatever they have. I don't have Ross is my area, but when I see one I stock up. Enjoy the rest of the summer loves.

-Bria OC


  1. Thanks, I'm still trying to figure out what to wear them with.