Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Plain to Stylish

So I know there are days when everyone feels like crap and kind of just throws on clothes. Then you get to that moment when you are staring in the mirror trying to figure out what can you add to your outfit to spark it up. Well below are a few pieces I put together by just adding key statements that can turn any plain outfit to a stylish one. 
The Vest
 1. Add a denim vest to a sundress, plain t-shirt, or whatever you feel needs it. 
2. Add a cute ascot to give it a unique look. Choose earrings that match the ascot to have pop out pieces.
3/4. Go for a girly look by adding a flowery scarf, some rocker earrings, and a cute pink bag. 

The Flower Printed Shirt
 1. Pair up some bottoms with a flowery shirt. Use natural toned makeup to add to the sense of nature from the shirt. 
2. Go for a laid back look with a tote with natural colors. 
3. For a nice day of shopping pick a medium size bag that blends in with the outfit.
4. Going on a date or a night on the town pick a cross body bag that accents a small color in the shirt, like yellow. 

The Bright Skirt
1. Pair up a bright skirt with a plain t-shirt and a contrasting accessory.
2/3. Put on a yellow ascot and wear a yellow bag to pop out of an outfit with a bright orange or blue skirt. 
4. Wear a light blue ascot with a blue skirt to blend in your colors. 

Hope these give you some ideas. 

-Bria OC

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