Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beautiful Beaded Creations

Hello all,

So I am currently thinking about starting my own business with authentic clay beaded jewelry made from scratch. This post is to show you the pieces that I made a couple of years ago and I am really trying to pick it back up. Please comment on the post letting me know if you would be interested in making a future purchase. 

Thank you, 
-Bria Oc

 So here are a few pieces that I have created let me know what you think and if you are interested in any.
 Beauty Never Fails 1

 Beauty Never Fails 2

 Beaded Diamonds

 Fresh Wired Hoops (Top)
Hooped Delicacy (Bottom)

 Drops of Color

 Pink Peppermint

 Pink Tick Tacks

 Green balls

 Raindrops and Bubblegum 

 Big Studder 1

 Big Studder 2

3 piece set


  1. Another creative sister like myself, your jewellery designs are mega cute and currently I'm beginning my own jewellery business, soon to host it on my own blog. So do you make your pieces out of polymer clay?


  2. Thank you for your comment, and yes these were made out of polymer clay. I haven't made anything in a while so I'm trying to get back into it by the end of the summer.

    -Bria OC